Lower your Child Care
Costs by 66%!

If the high cost of child care has prevented you from pursuing a great job, TriShare is for you! Check out our regional list of employers that participate in MI TriShare.


Employee benefits of participating in the TriShare Program:

Split the Cost

Child care cost is split equally three ways between you, your employer, and the State of Michigan.

Parent Choice

Parents can select any Michigan licensed childcare provider(s) of their choice. 

Types of care options covered include Traditional Care (part or full-time), Before and After School Care, Preschool, and Summer Camps.

Families can also utilize more than one childcare provider.

Search Assistance

Assistance to find licensed child care providers. Start your search HERE or, if you would like assistance, email us.

Streamline Payments

Payment for child care is made directly to your provider through your TriShare hub, United Way of Northwest Michigan. Your employer will deduct 1/3 of child care costs from your earnings to make this payment for you.



Employee eligibility will be determined based on the employee’s family size and household income. Employees must have a household income between 200%-325% of the Federal Poverty Level (FLP). Employees must not be eligible for the Child Development and Care Program (CDC, commonly referred to as child care subsidy). Once an employee is deemed eligible, they are eligible for the entire year of the pilot.

TriShare Program Eligibility 2023

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Employee Responsibilites

What are my responsibilities?

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These Employers offer the TriShare Program

You ask, we answer

This is an employer based benefit and they have set a budget to support the program. The employer has the flexibility in deciding how the child care slots will be decided. Possible ways to make this determination include:

  • Each family receives one child care slot/family receives multiple child care slots
  • First come, first serve process
  • Employee lottery/random selection
  • Employee needs (i.e., closest to 200% FPL)

Only state licensed care is covered. This can be for full-time or part-time care, preschool, before and after school care, summer care, summer camps, or a combination of these choices.

Employee eligibility will be determined based on the employee’s household size and gross monthly income (before tax). Currently, employees must have a household income between 200%-325% of the Federal Poverty Level (FLP). Please refer to the income chart based on your household size on the main page.

Employees must NOT be eligible for the Child Development and Care Program (CDC). If household income is below 200% FPL, the TriShare staff will connect you with information to apply for the CDC program as it may be more beneficial for your family.

TriShare staff will gather income data which includes gross monthly wages of employee, spouse/partner (if applicable), child support, alimony, or other income to determine the final eligibility of employees.

TriShare staff will contact your child care provider(s) to verify hours and rates of care. They will then contact your employer to determine the benefit start date (based on payroll cycles) and provide a breakdown of the employee, employer, and state weekly rates.

United Way of Northwest Michigan (UWNWMI) will start paying your child care provider(s) for the total care costs from the determined benefit start date.

**Please note that registration fees, one-time fees, and balances prior to the benefit start date are not covered by the TriShare program. TriShare also ends if your employment status changes.**

The employee portion will be payroll deducted by your employer. The employer will send the employee and employer portions to United Way of Northwest Michigan. United Way of Northwest Michigan will then bill the state of Michigan and pay your child care provider(s), usually within one week of an invoice(s) being submitted.

Employees are 100% responsible for their child care cost from the termination date if there is a separation from a participating employer.

The employer or child care provider will need to fill out a Care Change Form. Both parties must sign the form indicating they are aware and approve of the change. The form will then be forwarded to the TriShare staff to process.

Changes may take up to a maximum of 30 days to initiate. Parents are responsible for paying for any increase while this is in process.

If your employment status changes, either you, or your employer, will need to inform TriShare staff within one week. TriShare is an employer-based benefit. The employee is responsible for 100% of their care costs from the termination date, regardless of who initiated the change.

Yes, eligibility can be determined based on seasonal income.

Employees must sign and adhere to any type of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract put forth by the participating Hub. Child Care costs are only covered by TriShare while the employee is employed. If a separation occurs, as of the termination date, 100% of child care costs are the employees responsibility.

Employees may also be asked to participate in data collection processes implemented by the evaluation team. These may include, but are not limited to, focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc.

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